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Nail Technician/Waxing Training


Nail Technology & Waxing Specialty

BALD5651SU23 - Pre-requisite: Must meet pre-admission assessment requirements (TABE).
The program offers students the opportunity to apply their skills during regular classes while practical experience is gained by working in a clinical setting similar to that of today’s modern salons. Students are expected to provide models from time-to-time for the practice and repetition of applying artificial nails. The program will qualify an individual to take the New York State licensing exam.
Waxing is a 75-hour New York State licensed class will prepare you for a career in face and body waxing. This course is designed to teach you to become proficient in sanitation, safety, and wax application. The course will include state laws and professional requirements, physiology and histology of the skin, disorders and diseases, bacteriology, sanitation and disinfection and the removal of superfluous hair. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to take the New York State written and practical exams and obtain the New York State specialty license in Waxing

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Date:7/18/2022 - 12/14/20
Time:3:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Cost:$5500 + +Enrollment Fee $100
Location:Baldwin St.
Kit fee included in tuition cost.