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Commercial Driver's License Training


60 hour CDL Program - Class A or B

9081 - 60 HOUR COMMERCIAL DRIVER'S LICENSE PROGRAM (CDL) - CLASS A or B Pre-requisite: Must be 21 years of age for class A or 18 years of age for class B, have a valid driver’s license, and must have passed the DOT physical exam and have CDL Permit prior to the first day of class. Experience driving standard shift recommended. The student will complete a 60-hour course, which includes 20 hours of classroom. There will be 40 hours of range training, highway, city driving instruction. You will learn about Safety Rules, Air Brakes, Tractors/Trailers, Coupling/Uncoupling, Driving Techniques, Vehicle Inspection, The Log Book, and Hazardous Materials. Full preparation for Department of Motor Vehicle road test. Road test will be taken with GST BOCES tractor-trailer.

* sessions vary depending on size of class and date of scheduled road test
* Mon-Sun 1:1 Drive Times available at Bush & Coopers Campus


BSH-9081YR23 - ** As of August 1st, 2022, price of getting a Class B has gone up to the same price as the Class A.**

Instructor:  D. Decker
Date:8/1/22 - 6/30/23
Time:++ see below
Location:BSH / Bldg 7
++ Class time will be done online and once that is completed, you will be contacted by an instructor to start your drive time.
**PA road test will be additional $350.
These prices are additional to the regular class drive time and not for an upgrade. Upgrades after 2/7/22, you will need to take the full class.
(12 hours of additional 1:1 drive time for an additional $1000 or
20 hours of additional 1:1 drive time for an additional $2000)
Please call for more info